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The solar project will provide cost-effective solar energy and an additional, renewable energy source to the region. Located on private land in Cambridge, Cussewago, Venango, and Washington townships, the project will utilize land in a long-term agreement with private landowners in an environmentally responsible way and will return the land to agricultural use at the conclusion of the project’s life.

Project Benefits

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    Long-term payments

    Long term payments in the form of local taxes and lease payments to Cambridge, Cussewago, Venango, and Washington townships as well as Crawford and Erie County solar landowners.

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    Construction jobs

    100 jobs or more for the project over 12 months of construction — heavy equipment operators, electricians, laborers, and many other types of construction contractors. Best efforts will be made to hire local subcontractors and construction labor.

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    Economic jolt

    Increased demand for local vendors and services, including lodging, food services, gas, groceries, and others.

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    A new partner

    Pattern Development will be a good neighbor and will provide sponsorships and support for community groups and initiatives throughout the life of the project.

Project Details

Location and size

1,100-1,700 acres of land for the project located on private land. Land under the solar panels will be a mix of native grasses and local plants to encourage pollinators.

Power output

The solar project will generate 116 MW of electricity yearly, enough to power roughly 22,000 homes annually.


The pre-development period will start in 2020 with a focus on obtaining feedback from the local community. The construction period will begin as early as the end of 2021, and commercial operation is scheduled to occur at the end of 2022. With more than 475 MW of installed solar capacity, Pennsylvania is gradually increasing solar capacity and is currently 22nd among all the states.

Crawford Solar Partners

Pattern Energy is a private renewable power company, based in Houston, that specializes in developing wind, solar, and transmission projects along with advanced energy technologies. Our mission is to transition the world to renewable energy.

Project Documents